Make Easter Memories With Easter Crafts For Kids

Easter is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect time for us to spend time with our toddlers by making easter crafts. Easter is all about rebirth and the joy of spring, and few activities combine tradition, learning and Easter fun like making crafts for Easter Sunday. Crafts are an enjoyable learning tool for our little ones. They increase children’s’ creativity and concentration while giving parents a chance to enjoy the company of their children. With a few simple Easter craft projects, we can make this Easter a happy memory for our children.

The egg-carton Easter bunny

This year, let’s use egg cartons to combine the concept of eggs and the Easter bunny to create Easter bunnies from egg cartons. Making the bunny is a simple process. First, we need an egg carton, preferably one with large egg cups. We also need scissors, glue, a black sharpie, white paint and pink paint.

We start by cutting out an egg cup. Its edges should be trimmed to make them smooth. We then cut out the bunny’s ears from the carton. With a sharpie, we draw the bunny’s eyes nose and mouth onto the egg cup. We use pink paint to paint the nose and white paint to paint the ears. After the ears are dry, we glue them onto the back of the bunny’s head, and we’re done. It’s that simple.


A tree made of Easter eggs

With a few Easter ornaments, we can make colorful, tree-shaped Easter crafts . All we need is some Easter eggs, Easter grass, a foam cone and some glue. Starting at the base and working our way to the tip, we glue the Easter eggs onto the cone. We wait for the glue to dry before filling the gaps on the cone with Easter grass, which we also attach with glue. The process is quite simple, with the hardest part being watching the kids. Here’s an image of what the completed work should look like.

Easter Egg Craft


Make a hatching egg with paper and a popsicle stick


We can make this Easter special with eggs that actually hatch. The child will really enjoy making this craft that also serves as a toy. For this project, we need construction paper of many colors, feathers, googly eyes, a popsicle stick, scissors and glue. First we cut out an eggshell from white construction paper. Then we cut out a chick from yellow construction paper. We then cut some of the colored paper into strips of varying shapes. To decorate the eggshell, we glue the colored strips of paper onto it.

We glue eyes, feathers and a beak onto the chick’s face and attach a popsicle stick to the chick’s lower end. Finally, we attach the eggshell to the popsicle stick in such a way that the chick seems to be hatching from the egg.

An Easter bunny with your child’s face


Both parent and child will love this adorable Easter craft. To make this keepsake, you need an 8-inch tall portrait of your little one. The face should have a half-inch of space all sides. You also need two sets of the child’s footprints. You can dip the toddler’s feet in child-friendly paint and have him/her step on a sheet of paper. When the prints dry, cut out two pairs of feet. You will also need cotton balls, white card paper and glue.

Cut out a big oval from white construction paper. This will form the bunny’s belly. Stick cotton balls all over the oval. Glue the photo onto one end of the belly and attach cotton balls all around the face. Glue one pair of feet to the bunny’s head. The feet act as bunny ears. You can glue cotton onto the “ears” if you like. Glue another pair of feet to the lower end of the bunny. Now your bunny has feet.

This bunny can be glued onto a sturdy frame and can be sent as a card or framed as artwork in the home.


Easter is more memorable with crafts

Easter crafts are a good opportunity to bond with our children. Few other activities combine learning and bonding during Easter like creating Easter crafts.